Flow is a concept first developed by psychology researchers and honed by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihlyi, a figurehead of the positive psychology movement.
This is the state of mind a person reaches when they are completely immersed in whatever they are doing, when they reach maximum focus.
They are overcome by a feeling of intense engagement and satisfaction.
The experience itself is so enjoyable that people seek it out despite the huge efforts involved, just for the pleasure of feeling it.
"It's a state of ecstasy in which I almost feel like I no longer exist. My hands seem to move across the piano independently, I don't control them. I'm a spectator, gripped by wonderment and admiration.
The music seems to write itself."
–A composer describing what it feels like to be in the flow


"Flow can help you accomplish seemingly physically impossible exploits, and boosts mental capacities by up to 500%."
–Philip Kotler, economist and marketing professor

This powerful emotional state can only be reached if two conditions are met:

 When our activities mirror our talents
 When we pick inspirational challenges at the right skill level for us (too challenging = anxiety, not challenging enough = boredom)

The concept of Flow is ideal for meeting the needs of both:


commitment, creativity, performance, resilience in the face of stress

and individuals

self-esteem, recognition, pleasure and fulfillment.

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