The world we live in is constantly changing. Now more than ever before, organisations are being called upon to reinvent themselves and innovate, developing their agility and resilience in order to do so.
Yet despite this, 70% of business plans fail (source: PMI 2018) and burnout is rocketing: in France alone, over 2,000,000 cases are logged every year (source: Opinion Way survey, May 2021).
We help organisations embrace agility to successfully roll out lasting transformation while ensuring employees are able to bring their full talent to the table.

We support organisations before and after change and transformation.
Ahead of time, by working with project and change management teams: finding talent and providing training consultancy services.

After the process, incorporating Flow across three levels: among individuals, the team, and the organisation.


Accepting difference as
a driver for performance


Being fully oneself
in order to put all your talent to use

High standards

A meticulous approach to structuring
fosters independence and responsibility


A positive atmosphere
is the quickest way of inspiring commitment

Philippe Bourgeois, Managing Partner

Philippe handled sales and marketing for an American industrial group, before shifting over to consultancy, where he has stayed ever since: company director, project manager, head hunter, professional coach, and management and change management trainer. He has worked on a host of international-scale projects, fuelled by a common theme: his passion for human beings and how they can work within a win-win ecosystem.

Buzzing with energy and enthusiasm.
Current goals
Get the Flow label up and running, get a score of 5-under-par in golf, and do Route 66 by motorbike.

Astrid Le Fur, Partner

An engineer by training, Astrid spent a decade working as an R&D project manager and research programme leader for major international groups. Along the way, she discovered professional coaching, and developed a passion for supporting people. Having experienced a burnout herself, she opted to train in burnout prevention and support, and set up her blog. Now a certified coach and active member of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council), she helps teams and organisations overcome burnout.

Gifted in the art of gentle, relevant questioning to get to the bottom of sensitive issues.
Current goals
Get her book about burnout published.

Béatrice de Montabert, Partner

Béatrice has been a psychologist for the past 20 years, and works with organisations to support them as well as individuals and teams in dealing with organisational problems, relationship and communication issues, conflict management, and mental health. She founded the Ecole de Coaching de Paris where she teaches in a bid to spread awareness of tools and methods to help foster collective performance and personal fulfilment.

An unwavering belief in each individual's potential, and an open-minded approach to welcoming difference.
Current goals
Strike the perfect balance between living in the countryside, and a busy working life in several cities.

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